Reasons Drivers Should Fill Their Gas Tank in the Winter

Every season has its effects on your car, and there is always a way you should treat your car. With the cold season coming up drivers ought to be ready for anything. As every community has a myth, we have all probably come across the one that claims that when your gas tank is less than half full at all times, this leads to better fuel economy. However, this said rumor is not true as it is a fact that when your gas tank is continuously near empty, it may lead to a long-term damage on your vehicle with also tough times when the weather turns cold.

The gas tanks have typically a fuel line that delivers gas to the engine. So when the gas tank is less than half full, there is a high possibility that condensation will build up along the fuel lines and on the walls. Hence if the water freezes there will be no gas sent to the engine making your car not to start.

West Herr Chrysler Jeep in Orchard Park, NY recommends that every driver should keep their tanks full as they go for the smaller fill-ups on a routine basis instead of letting it get to Empty sign. This will protect your car, and you will not be able to handle a car that will not start in cold weather.

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