Choose to Ignore Motor Oil Myths

There are enough things for you to worry about as a vehicle owner without paying attention to myths and the fears that they stir up in you. Know which things that you have heard about motor oil are actually myths and should be ignored.

You might have heard that you have to change your vehicle's oil before any kind of a road trip. That is only true if your oil is due for a change or will be due for one while you are gone. Otherwise, you should be fine. You might have heard that black oil is bad oil. That is not always true. Your oil will blacken as you use it but it does not necessarily need to be changed just because it is black in color.

West Herr Chrysler Jeep can help you handle any real motor oil issues that your vehicle has and figure out what advice is based on myths. Come by our service center in Orchard Park, NY for the help that you need.

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