Monitor Fluid Levels in Your Car for Continued Performance

Not everybody is fully aware of the different kinds of fluids in their vehicles, their wide-ranging functions, and how to check them. Let's browse over the basics of three such fluids: transmission fluid, motor oil, and coolant.

Coolant is intended to prevent your engine from overheating. It is added to the radiator, where a fan blows cool air over the inside of your vehicle to keep it running as appropriate. The radiator should have a cap on its top somewhere.

Transmission fluid is the bread and butter for switching gears. No transmission fluid? Your gears will grind – which is where the saying comes from – until something seriously negative happens. You can check it under the hood. Change it every 100,000 miles.

Motor oil helps the engine work as it's supposed to. Check it by using the dipstick – wipe it off, stick it in, pull it out, then read it.

Using the basics behind these three fluids, you will find they work great for the cars they inhabit. Contact our car repair and service team at West Herr New York if you need more help with your car's fluids.

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