Car Guide: How Do Alignments Work?

An alignment refers to the vehicle’s suspension and making sure that it connects to the wheels appropriately. Getting a tire alignment is the best way to improve your driving if you feel like your tires are pulling to one side or the other.

In some cases, tires become out of line when you hit a pothole or after a few years of use. If you have changed a tire recently, alignments are usually required to ensure that tires are balanced and working properly to balance your car’s weight. Without proper alignment, your car could drive poorly. There are a few signs that let you know if you need an alignment including odd tread wear on your car’s tires, vehicle pulling to one direction, steering wheel is off center, or if your steering wheel vibrates irregularly when you drive.

You can get your car aligned for a great rate in our service center at West Herr Chrysler Jeep located in Orchard Park, NY.

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