Connect Safely on the Road With the Chrysler 300

When you're looking to buy a new car, advanced technology is a must. At West Herr Chrysler Jeep Orchard Park, we're proud to bring the popular Chrysler 300 to our line up of full-size luxury sedans. With its sophisticated systems, this car helps you stay connected while staying safe.

Chances are, you use your cell phone for everything from phone calls to directions. To continue that experience in the car, the Chrysler 300 connects to your iPhone or Android device. That way, you can access messages, emails, navigation, music and more, all while concentrating on the road.

With its Uconnect touchscreen display, the Chrysler 300 makes it easy to operate your phone. Simply tap the screen to hear messages, change songs, or access directions.

In the Chrysler 300, you can stay connected even when you're on the road. See how easy and safe the process is by taking a test drive through Orchard Park, NY today.

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