Chrysler Mopar Protects Leases as Well

With automobiles, you probably hear about coverage and warranties for purchases. However, when it comes to rentals and leases, you are not going to hear as much about coverage. Fortunately, Chrysler Mopar has something to offer for leases as well. Your purchase will be protected with some amazing features offered.

Chrysler Mopar offers lease wear and tear which gives you features such as protection from excessive wear on the vehicle. You will be protected up to $5,000 in services on lease vehicles. This type of coverage includes exterior, interior and wear items. You will be covered for paint as well as audio systems.

You can also get protection on cosmetic services with the Lease Protection plan from Chrysler Mopar. You get unlimited protection for dents, dings and other damages to the painting of the vehicle. In the case of any cracks or chips in the window or windshield, you will also be covered.

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